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curated by Tommaso Evangelista


In occasion of XV Giornata del Contemporaneo, promoted by AMACI, MUSMA presents HEIMAT | SHARING THE LAND by Jasmine Pignatelli
Vernissage saturday 12th of october 2019 h 18



Heimat is a work of high poetic intensity that touches the individual, collective and critical sphere.

At the artist's invitation, thirteen handfuls of earth were collected in thirteen places that symbolize the recent history of Italy by as many, equally representative, people.

They are small mounds of earth that mix and belong to places of memory, they bear the images and stories that have contributed to creating Italian identity and collective consciousness.

In the heart of the Museum of Matera earth mixes from the land around Alfredino’s well, the school of Barbiana, Riace and Lampedusa and, continuing across Italy, from places of art such as Morterone, from the ruined land of the Tamburi neighbourhood in Taranto to the precious one where the tree dedicated to Giovanni Falcone stands.


A collective “sharing of land” to celebrate the sense of belonging to an ideal Heimat, a complex German word that can be translated as “Homeland”, with a strong emotional and sentimental nuance.
The students of the F section of the Liceo Classico Giuseppe Tarantino of Gravina di Puglia (BA) contributed to the realization of Heimat. They were engaged at the MUSMA, for three years, in a project of Alternanza scuola - lavoro, led by school tutors prof. Tommaso Evangelista and prof. Rosa Maria Spartà and bythe representative of the Synchronos cultural enterprise, Dr. Simona Spinella,



















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