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The MUSMA in one minute. Video

Fernando Arrabal in visita al MUSMA. Video

Portami al Confine. Trailer

The museum is enriched by a library dedicated to the renowned publisher Vanni Scheiwiller, numbering some 6000 volumes of art books, catalogues, manuscripts, and monographs. The creation of the library was made possible through the generosity of Alina Kalczynska, Scheiwiller’s widow, and many friends. In the library small sculptures by the following artists are on exhibit: Igino Legnaghi, Antonio Paradiso, Nino Ricci, Giulia Napoleone, Bruno Conte, Angelo Canevari, Franca Ghitti, Silvio Cattani, Nato Frascà, Regina, Edo Janich, Bruno Munari, Raffaele Spizzico, Lino Tinè, all of whom were connected in some way with the Scheiwiller publishing house. In addition, the library organizes small exhibitions of photographs and historical documents, and often shows videos from its collection (Anton Giulio Bragaglia to the present).
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